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Monday, December 15, 2014

Visualize :-)

How To Have a Baby!

I was often told that because I was big, I couldn't conceive and give birth. I have proven people wrong when Lili came. Fat people can be able to conceive too. It is just unfortunate for some that they have not been able to do so, and because the number has grown, it has become a mythical assumption. 

Nowadays, it’s sad to know that not many women are aware of their fertility. You may take fertility for granted when you’re not trying to conceive but come the time that you’re planning on getting pregnant, you don’t want to be having a hard time. Knowing more about fertility and ovulation is the key. This is not just for those trying to conceive but also for those who are not but are possibly planning to conceive in the future. Our friends at have so much advice on how to improve fertility. Having a healthy lifestyle is a key to a better fertility. Exercise, eat fruits and vegetables and get rid of bad habits like alcohol, smoking and drugs. Take vitamins and get enough rest every day. These are simple things you can do as early as now to improve your fertility. It's never too soon to take charge of your fertility, so take charge and help yourself get to your goal - a baby!

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just Because I am Big, Doesn't Mean I Can Not..

I enjoyed rafting, at the same time conquered my fear of drowning..
The raging Cagayan de Oro River and its mighty 24 rapids that we passed through in our four hour advanced run.. This was the best way to commune with nature.. Glorious and mighty.. 
I enjoyed flying by wire..

Although, at first my fear of dying made me quit-- But I had to conquer that or waste money and time plus opportunity to prove that BIG GIRLS CAN ALSO FLY.. 

I conquered Asia's longest Zipline at the Dahilayan Adventure Park.. 840m.. whew.. Adrenaline power!

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Do you have the Perfect Body?

Do you have the perfect body?  I found this image online and I thought of the image and the expression shown here.

Are these two people happy with the bodies they have? Are they making the most of what body they have? Is thin really sexy? Is being fat really a reason to be insecure of one's body? Is thin healthy? Is a fat body unhealthy? Is having a thin body really  proof of being hardworking? Is having a fat body proof of being lazy? Why are people unhappy with how they look? Why are some people always attacked and always  called names for having the kind of body they have?

These are the very questions that this blog will try to dig into. There is a reason for everything. There is a reason for every statement, just as, there is a reason for being insecure or overly confident..

Do check out the succeeding post and let's enjoy this journey of getting to know our bodies..

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