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Monday, December 15, 2014

Visualize :-)

How To Have a Baby!

I was often told that because I was big, I couldn't conceive and give birth. I have proven people wrong when Lili came. Fat people can be able to conceive too. It is just unfortunate for some that they have not been able to do so, and because the number has grown, it has become a mythical assumption. 

Nowadays, it’s sad to know that not many women are aware of their fertility. You may take fertility for granted when you’re not trying to conceive but come the time that you’re planning on getting pregnant, you don’t want to be having a hard time. Knowing more about fertility and ovulation is the key. This is not just for those trying to conceive but also for those who are not but are possibly planning to conceive in the future. Our friends at have so much advice on how to improve fertility. Having a healthy lifestyle is a key to a better fertility. Exercise, eat fruits and vegetables and get rid of bad habits like alcohol, smoking and drugs. Take vitamins and get enough rest every day. These are simple things you can do as early as now to improve your fertility. It's never too soon to take charge of your fertility, so take charge and help yourself get to your goal - a baby!

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Proactiv is NOW in the Philippines

Keeping healthy bodies also entail keeping healthy skin. And one of the best solutions to skin problems like pimples, black heads and dark spots, is the use of Proactiv, a brand that treats pimples now and prevents future breakouts. I have read so much information about this and I also did some research. I have discovered that the product has been tried and tested by millions worldwide. This product was formulated by Stanford-trained dermatologists Dr. Katy Rodan and Dr. Kathie Fields. It has by far become the choice of Hollywood superstars! Hollywood celebrities like Mandy MooreKaty PerryAvril LavigneJessica Simpson, Julienne Hugh, and even Jennifer Love Hewitt choose Proactiv..  Or at least that is what we see in magazines and television from time to time.. 

And now, the good news is that, people in the Philippines can now purchase Proactive, and get the same results-- Filipinos, say goodbye to pimples.... Proactiv is now available online and can be readily delivered at any point within the Philippines, following online purchase.

Here's some proof  I found at youtube to support this info:

Here's more of the good stuff. We can now get Proactiv, and be acne-free at discounted prices. Simply use the Proactiv Promo Codes below:
  1. Code is PA309 - Get P150 discount from the 30-day kit. 
  2. Code is PA609 - Get P300 discount from the 60-day kit.
This discount can only be used at the Proactiv website, whether payment is made through credit card, bancnet, or Cash On Delivery.  Take advantage of this offer until August 31, 2010

Here's what you need to do to avail:

  1. Sign up or register at :

  2. verify registration from the link sent in your email

  3. Sign-in and click on the Products and Promos Tab

  4. Choose between the 30 day and the 60 day kits, and click ORDER NOW

  5. Verify Delivery Information as well as the Promo Codes to be used

  6. Confirm Delivery Address and Check out...
Once order is confirmed, and processed, all you have to do is wait for the delivery of your items..