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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Being Fashionable with Plus Size Goodies at Kaiplus

Who says that being big is a hindrance to being fashionable? No Sir! Confidence is not measured by what one wears, but how they were worn and the confidence the wearer exudes while the items are worn.. Unfortunately for some of us, we do not get what we want to wear at the malls. If there were outfits or ensembles that we like, they come in the sizes that could either be too small or too big--- 

Good thing there are online shops that give us the advantage of shopping for really girly outfits that is just right for our sizes.. And very fashionable at that.. 

If you wish to see their collection, check them out at One thing too, the products are imported and are mostly affordable. Not to mention, fashionably in season..
From underwear to blouses, skirts, pants, boleros and dresses. And some ensembles that have not been introduced in the Philippine market yet.. And even when you buy clothing or any of the items on sale, expect that they are still fashionably "in".. 
Do check out Who knows, you may be lucky to find something on sale.. They have SALE & Promos there too..

There are more and more sources for fashionable items that Big Beautiful and fabulous women, and men, can enjoy-- I will share them here in the next posts.. So do come back for more.. 

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